Cloud Developemnt

Cloud computing means the use of computer resources that are delivered as a service overa network, say, the Internet. Cloud gives a remote service the ability to handle a user’s data, software and computation. We provide safe, reliable and fast cloud solutions that can be accessed from anywhere on the go, through a web browser or a mobile application. Cloud computing goes a long way in saving extra infrastructure costs, the money that you can put into your area of technical expertise.

Long-term benefits.

Due to the Cloud’s benefits in saving time, money and its immense scalability and responsiveness, smart businesses are switching over to the Cloud for their business needs. Far-sighted businesses understand the long-term benefits of this technology, and so do we. We manage cloud services that it makes all your worries go, in one go. Our cloud management ensures:

  • Superior privacy and security management.
  • Compatibility with current and prior software and products.
  • Management of contractual or Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Better hardware-software integration.
  • Price flexibility to allow you to pay only as much as you use.

One service. Three benefits.

Working in tandem with the popular demands, Karry has incorporated the following three services to its centre of excellence in this field:

Cloud Application Development Services

Karry offers cloud application development, migration and testing services. Our cloud application development services go hand-in-hand with your idea right from the start until the end, that is, from the design to the implementation and even support. This gives you an edge over your competitors, and gives us the same, too.

Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning and Administration

We partner from time to time with class-leading service providers to provide the best infrastructure and virtual services to our clients. Karry’s cloud infrastructure provisioning and administration services include:

  • Virtualization capacity planning
  • Datacentre design
  • Migration Planning
  • Migration from physical to virtual infrastructure

Cloud computing Consulting and Professional Services

Our consulting and professional services include business critical cloud security assessment and solutions, cloud high availability and storage related consulting services, off premises cloud monitoring and support services, performance tuning and a lot more. So you get only the best.

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