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What is Ext JS?

Karry Infosys Ext JS is the foremost benchmark for business-grade web application development. It provides all the tools necessary for building high-quality and efficient RIA (Rich Internet Application) applications. The most capable and effective desktop application development platform with immense cross-browser compatibility, its advanced MVC architecture allows plugin-free chatting and lets you use modern UI widgets.

What’s in it for me?

Ext JS can help you in endless ways:
With a number of examples, APIs, components, documentation and in-built themes, Ext JS provides all the necessary gear required to build desktop application.
Its abundant data package allows developers to use a model-view-controller (MVC) for development. This in turn allows for an unprecedented level of interactivity in the app.
Loaded with a range of user interface widgets, it provides quality widgets like scalable grids, menus, trees and much more. Most of the widgets you would need have been built by us already.
With highly efficient big data grids for enterprise developers, we provide immense capability and opportunities. These capabilities, coupled with a simplistic, yet powerful user interface can be used by application with a high data point, such as insurance or financial applications.
Ext JS allows highly advanced plugin-free charting and graphing. So now no more hassles of proprietary browsers plugins. The graphics are pixel-perfect viewed on any browser of any OS.
The Ext JS has a superb component design, with an extensible default component to suit your requirement the way you want. This allows your developers to develop the most complex of apps without overriding each others’ codes.
The Ext JS allows your developers to cover all versions of all major browsers spanning over a decade with a single version release.

What can Karry Infosys do for me?

With the help of Karry Infosys Ext JS, you can build the most amazingly interactive and efficient desktop RIA (Rich Internet Application) applications across multiple platforms and web browsers. You can carry out various enterprise-level activities like charting, drawing, working on grids and graphs, customizing themes, editing and sandboxing. Its modern app framework allows you to have multiple functionality in the app and also while development.

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