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PrestaShop development: The new generation shopping cart solution

If you intend to make your online business a success and to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, choosing the right ecommerce platform such as PrestaShop is one-half of the equation. More than just a good platform, you need high quality development services to translate the benefits of the development system that you have chosen to your site’s advantages. If you need high quality PrestaShop development services, you could not be in a better place than Karry Infosys. Here, we offer high-end PrestaShop development services India courtesy of our dynamic team of ecommerce developers who possess the required experience and expertise in this field.

What is PrestaShop and why do you need it?

PrestaShop is an open source ecommerce shopping cart solution available for free on the web. It is based on the MySQL database management system, the PHP programming language and the Smarty template engine. The software was developed to fully utilize web 2.0 innovations in the likes of dynamic AJX features and the next generation web development tools and technologies. It comes with a wide variety of tools that enable the development and management of a high end ecommerce website with minimal costs. With PrestaShop’s classic services, the PrestaShop based ecommerce website can manage a large database and numerous products without becoming clumsy. Some of the most obvious advantages of PrestaShop include;

  • Flexibility: The administration panel of PrestaShop is so flexible. It can be customized easily by deleting or adding functionalities according to the user needs.
  • Great interface: PrestaShop is sleek with a creative interface that looks great and acts as an intelligent guide to customers in the online store.
  • Light in weight: PrestaShop is a very light application. At only 6MBs, it is both quick and easy to install and to update even with slow internet connections.
  • Themes: PrestaShop comes with a wide variety of free themes from which you can choose, customize and then use on the website.

    Karry Infosys PrestaShop development services

Karry Infosys is a leading PrestaShop development company in India, offering a range of comprehensive PrestaShop installation and PrestaShop customization services. With our expert team of PrestaShop developers, you can expect the following high profile services;

  • PrestaShop website development services
  • PrestaShop ecommerce installation and integration
  • PrestaShop customization
  • PrestaShop ecommerce store design
  • Shopping cart solutions
  • Payment gateway integration
  • PrestaShop customization services
  • Why choose us

If you need the highest of quality in PrestaShop installation and PrestaShop customization, Karry Infosys is your best bet. As a leading PrestaShop development company in India, we pride ourselves in well-trained developers with a wealth of experience. They are tech savvy and knowledgeable in the latest ecommerce development technologies and tools and they will give you an experience to remember. Our advantages at a glance include;

  • High quality developers
  • Quick and lightweight solutions
  • Scalable and reliable solutions
  • A great user interface
  • SEO friendly solutions
  • Affordable prices
  • Continued technical support

When it comes to the best of PrestaShop development services, you can never go wrong with Karry Infosys.

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