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Karry Infosys has been providing Online Reputation Management since long before the explosion of social media. The need to maintain your online reputation has been there since the very beginning of the web. We were one of the first companies offering the service to clients and long before tradtional PR even realized or accepted that there was a need for this strategy.

As a result of this we have become one of the well known and respected companies in the space. Our CEO Fionn Downhill speaks on the topic nationwide and has been interviewed by several publications and media outlets on the subject. We have created a white paper and a series of training videos to help individuals and companies navigate this space. You can see Fionn Downhill’s Bio here.

Online Reputation Management has become an essential component of any brand management strategy. Because of this like many other industries where there is money to be made online a deeply troubling and pervasive trend has blighted our industry. There are several companies out there claiming to be online reputation management experts, providing anything from $99 per month ‘guaranteed’ services up to several thousands of dollars. Some have even decided that their best marketing strategy is to attack companies like Karry Infosys’s reputation to increase their own business. In one case Karry as well as others were ruthlessly and systemically attacked by one of these companies. We created an extensive case study on the way malicious and false online attacks are conducted and you see the full case study here, Online Reputation Management Case Study

What is even more troubling is that these same companies regularly plagiarize our content presumably in the hope that it will help them rank higher. They then present this content on their sites as their own misleading visitors into thinking they actually wrote it and they are talking about their own services. We DMCA all of them but it has literally become a full time job with resources having to address it on our end on a daily basis.

This is why we have removed much of our content and we are more than happy to send you our free resources and guides. You can download our Online Reputation Management White Paper or visit our the Karry Infosys YouTube channel to view a series of videos we made on the subject.

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